Mountain Lodge Deck Update Sept 2021

The decks are galvanized structures with aluminum deck boards.

The foundations are going in this year so that we’re ready for erection in the Spring.

The 2 example decks are going up this year so we can see what they look like and if we need to adjust the design. We decided to ONLY do two sets (one single stack, and one double stack) so we can get a firm bid on the rest when (hopefully) materials come down in the fall.

The decks are 7×7, which is 49 sq ft. A LOT bigger than the 12.5 sq ft that came off. Due to space restrictions at some locations, 7×7 was as big as we could go where everyone has the same size deck. We had to have uniformity.

There may be an option for 1st floor owners to add a gate and steps at the owners cost. The design is in the pictures in the plans on the wall outside the GM office.

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