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  • 1 Month to Notify MLS Housekeeping if you Intend to Complete Your Own Annual Deep Clean
    All day
    March 1, 2021
    10 Snowshoe Dr, Snowshoe, WV 26209, USA

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    Deep Cleaning Services

    If any items are to be repaired or replaced including any type of light bulbs, the Owner shall be charged according to the terms
    of the Schedule D for labor, parts, replacement items or any other charges.
    • Take all linen off bed(s) for laundering.
    • Rotate Mattress.
    • Wash the Bed Frame.
    • Wash headboard with Murphy’s Oil Soap (only woodwork). All other materials will be washed with appropriate cleaners.
    • Vacuum under Bed.
    • Pull all nightstands and dresser out from the wall and wash all sides and insides with Murphy Oil Soap.
    • Wash all wood trim on the walls.
    • Wash all doors.
    • Wipe down hot water heater.
    • Clean all shelving in closets.
    • Dust all lamps and lampshades (Replace lampshades if needed).
    • Clean all windows.
    • Clean the windowsills.
    • Vacuum carpet.
    • Clean all picture frames and glass.
    • Clean all light fixtures.
    • Replace any burnt out light bulbs and replace spare inventory.
    • Dust TV, VCR, DVD, Stereo, and Modems.
    • Make bed and inspect clean linens for holes, tears, and excess wear.
    • Wash all curtains or valances (if they are washable).
    • Make a list of all items that need to be repaired and replace all items.
    • Shampoo Carpet.
    • Take all light globes off and wash.
    • Clean all light fixtures and replace bulbs if needed.
    • Clean all appliances and sink top.
    • Clean all woodwork with Murphy’s Oil Soap.
    • Clean inside and outside of the toilet.
    • Clean all towel racks.
    • Clean the bathtub, walls, and fixtures.
    • Inspect the drain if slow report to maintenance.
    • Clean the shower rod.
    • Clean the shower curtain or replace if needed.
    • Sweep and mop the floor.
    • Make a list of all items that need to be repaired or replaced.
    • Remove all dishes out of the cabinets and drawers and wash.
    • Wash all cabinets and drawers.
    • Wash all woodwork with Murphy’s Oil Soap.
    • Take all shelves and drawers out of the refrigerator and wash.
    • Clean refrigerator; pull out and clean behind.
    • Wash and defrost freezer.
    • Inspect the drain if slow report to maintenance.
    • Pull the refrigerator out from the wall and clean behind.
    • Take all burners and burner pans off the stove and wash. (Replace the burner pans if necessary).
    • Lift top of the stove and clean.

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    • Clean oven.
    • Clean stove hood.
    • Clean all wall hangings.
    • Clean the silverware tray(s).
    • Clean and de-lime the coffee pot.
    • Clean all countertops and appliances (Replace appliances if needed).
    • Clean inside and outside of the trash can.
    • Clean the microwave.
    • Clean the toaster inside and out.
    • Clean the inside and outside of the dishwasher.
    • Pull out stove (avoiding any floor damage); clean all sides and floor.
    • Sweep and mop floor.
    • Neatly arrange all dishes, pots and pans, glassware, and silverware back into the cabinets and drawers.
    • Make a list of any items that need to be repaired or replaced.
    Living Room
    • Pull out sofa bed, rotate mattress. Wipe the frame, clean behind.
    • Clean all woodwork with Murphy’s Oil Soap.
    • Clean all vents.
    • Clean all ceiling fans.
    • Clean all windows inside and outside if possible.
    • Clean all window seals.
    • Clean all light fixtures.
    • Dust the TV, VCR, DVD, and stereo.
    • Clean glass doors on fireplace.
    • Dust all lamps and lampshades. (Replace shades as necessary)
    • Replace any burnt out light bulbs.
    • Clean all tables and dining room chairs with Murphy’s Oil Soap.
    • Pull all furniture out from the walls and dust all sides of the furniture.
    • Clean all picture frames and glass.
    • Vacuum floor and shampoo.
    • Professionally clean the upholstery on the sofa if necessary.
    • Wash all curtains or valances.
    • Make a list of any items that need to be repaired or replaced.
    Entry Hall, Laundry Areas and Decks
    • Vacuum and shampoo all carpeted areas.
    • Wash top and sides of washer and dryer.
    • Clean the dryer vents.
    • Clean the inside of the washer.
    • Clean decks/balconies.
    • Clean the inside of the dryer.
    • Clean all woodwork with Murphy’s Oil Soap.
    • Sweep and mop entry area, laundry area, and under the washer and dryer.
    • Make a list of any items that need to be repaired or replaced.

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    Homeowner Annual Deep Cleaning Notification of Self-Cleaning
    Note: only complete this form if you wish to perform the annual deep cleaning yourself.
    This form must be completed each year you decide to perform the annual deep cleaning yourself.

    Name of Unit Owner __________________________ Unit Number(s) to be cleaned_________________________________
    Today’s Date______________________________ Signature of Owner____________________________________________
    I will BE PERFORMING MY OWN ANNUAL DEEP CLEANING and request MLS to not perform the annual deep cleaning
    for the above listed unit(s). I will be performing the following items included with my Annual Deep Cleaning of my unit.
    __________CARPET CLEANING
    You must check both Annual Deep Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning if you are performing both services, if you wish to have
    MLS provide the Carpet Cleaning, then only check the Annual Deep Cleaning.
    I understand that I must receive yearly authorization to perform these services myself, that I must abide by the required
    deadlines, and that my unit must be inspected by the MLS for satisfactory completion of the deep cleaning requirements and
    standards. I understand that I will be charged according to Schedule D of the MLS Services Agreement for any required
    services that I do not perform satisfactorily and for the unit inspection fee according to Schedule D.
    All Homeowner Annual Deep Cleaning Authorization Forms must be submitted to the MLS by April 1

    st of each year. Any

    request received after this date will be denied.
    Homeowners must complete all annual deep cleaning by September 1
    , at which time MLS will inspect the Unit for
    satisfactory completion of the annual deep cleaning requirements and standards. If approved, MLS will forward the annual
    deep cleaning inspection approval to the Owner. If Units are not deep cleaned by the deadline, MLS will then perform the task
    and a $50 surcharge will be added.
    Received via _________________________Received Date__________________________
    Approved ______ Denied __________
    Date Spring Clean was performed: _______________Inspection ____________________
    Notes for Inspection

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    Houseware and Linen Requirements

    Every Unit shall have two more than the number of occupants it sleeps of all glassware, cups, cereal bowls, plates, dinner
    knives, dinner forks, salad forks, and teaspoons, and the following:

    • 2 serving bowls
    • 2-quart baking dish with lid
    • Colander
    • Flashlight (under kitchen sink)
    • Large cooking pot with lid
    • Medium cooking pot with lid
    • Small cooking pot with lid
    • 2 skillets (usually a 12-inch or larger)
    • Cookie sheet or pizza pan
    • 9 x 13 baking pan
    • 8 x 8 baking pan
    • 6 steak knives
    • Bottle opener
    • Plain cooking spoon
    • Slotted cooking spoon
    • Spatula
    • Kitchen knife set
    • Corkscrew
    • Cutting board
    • Grater
    • Measuring spoon
    • Measuring cup
    • Manual can opener
    • Mixing bowl set: 3 mixing bowls
    • Vegetable peeler
    • 3 potholders
    • Coffee maker
    • Toaster
    • 2 pitchers
    • 4 ice trays (if Unit does not have ice maker)
    • Blender
    • Mixer
    • Crock pot

    Bathroom Items
    • 1 toilet brush with caddy
    • 1 toilet plunger
    • Hairdryer under each bathroom sink
    Bedroom Items
    • 2 extra pillows for the guests on the pull-out sofa
    • For king beds, if you use standard pillows you need
    three; if you use king pillows you only need 2
    • Bedspreads (preferably something that has a pattern
    or has color to hide stains better)
    • Fitted sheet in place of bed skirts for those beds that
    have a footboard.
    • 2 blankets per bed including sleeper sofa
    Alarm Clock for each Bedroom

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    March 20, 2021-March 21, 2021

    MARCH 20-21 | Spring Send-Off
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