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Important Deck Update


Hello Homeowners,

The MLUOA Board would like to bring you up to date on the Deck phase (Phase 2) of our building renovation.  Here is a short outline of the whole project.

Time line for Mountain Lodge Renovation- 2019 to the present:

  • September 2019: MLA hires OMNI Architects after ($139,000).
  • March 2020: MLA hires City Construction to reclad the entire exterior in LP Smartside with Anderson windows after soliciting 3 bids from 2 others ($3.55 million). Bank loan approved in April 2020.
  • July 2020: City Construction begins recladding work. To date, we hold $30,000 retainage until the completion of the punch list.  Punch list work to start mid to late June, depending on when the 18 small windows arrive that are being exchanged for the non-opening ones.  City will also be working around GNCC, so this may not start until after that event.  Our staff has already reversed several of the ground floor sliding doors.  This work will proceed once the decks are installed, as the decks need to be on before the door reversal work can be done on non-ground-level condos.
  • Fall 2020: Board member Mike Ohler agrees to take on the deck project.
  • December 2020: MLA hires Arrow Engineering to design the decks on at a cost of $19,750 plus additional site visit charges of up to $1,500, if needed. The design is for 7ft. x 7ft. all-metal construction, including the roof structures with aluminum flooring and railings.  The architect’s rendering is at the end of this letter.

Mike sent out nine different bid packages and received only two bids back.  After reviewing these bids (the least expensive of which was $3.5 million), the MLUOA Board determined the price was too high to do the whole project this year.  Due in large part to the response to COVID-19, material pricing is through the roof, and demand for construction labor far exceeds supply, leading to uncharacteristically high labor pricing.

Mike then separated out Phase II into three sub-phases: foundations (Phase 2a.) and proofing stack (Phase 2b.) work in summer 2021, and fabrication and installation (Phase 2c.) work in summer 2022.  After reviewing two bids we received for Phase 2a., the MLUOA Board selected the less expensive option of $351,000 plus contingencies.

The company that will do the foundations (Phase 2a.) work will also do the proofing stack (Phase 2b.) work, for an additional $81,000.  This money buys us a total of nine decks, arranged in a stack of three single decks and a stack of three side-by-side (or “double”) decks.  These proofing stacks will be installed on the parking lot side, with the location to be determined based on the contractor’s recommendation.  We hope doing this proofing stack will lead to a price reduction since it will allow the builder to see precisely what the real fabrication and installation costs will be.

We will sign the contract for this work on Phase 2a. once it is approved by our attorneys and Snowshoe’s Architectural Review Committee.  Work on Phases 2a. and 2b. is planned to start June 1, 2021 with both the foundations and the proofing stacks planned for completion prior to the beginning of the upcoming winter season.

The MLUOA Board’s goal is to bring this project in at no more than $2.5 million, and we’re optimistic this can happen.  To pay for this, we have established an assessment schedule, as there is no bank financing available for this project.  We also have a limited amount of money we can pull out of our reserve fund, as this fund is being used as collateral for the loan on the cladding project.  The bank has agreed to allow us to pull $1 million out of the reserve fund.

Based on the need to pay the contractor in full on completion of the project in (as early as) October 2022, for the next 15 months starting in July 2021, monthly MLA statements will include an additional charge of $450 per month per deck.  Accordingly, MLA statements for condos featuring two decks (i.e., combined or St. Moritz floorplans) will pay $900 per month.  Owners may also choose to make a one-time payment upfront.  This plan is based on the project coming in at $2.5 million.  Once we have a firm bid for the fabrication and installation, this could adjust.  The MLUOA Board asked the ownership who attended the HOA meeting in March whether a one-time assessment or a payment plan was preferred.  Doing a payment plan was the preferred option.

Your MLUOA Board has been working overtime to get this accomplished under conditions where materials and labor are in such short supply.  We’re very excited to have found a builder that can get this started promptly and at a very reasonable price.

We will keep you updated with the newsletter, Facebook, and our website posts.

This is not the colors it will be – roofs will be red to match the rest of the building roofs and floors and privacy dividers are to be determined.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we take on the next phase of making the Mountain Lodge the best it can be.

Best Regards,

Peggy Mahler

President, MLUOA Board

Winter Driving Tips

The most important part of winter driving is being prepared. Here are few things you can do ahead of time and some things to keep in mind as you travel:

Whenever possible, drive during the daylight hours for best visibility, and to enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery!


The nearest auto maintenance station is well off the mountain. Check your battery and engine prior to leaving for your trip (cold temperatures can be hard on both). Be sure that your antifreeze is good to at least 30 degrees below zero. Make sure your tires have good tread. Snow tires are best, but deep tread radials will work in most weather conditions. Snow chains are also invaluable in threatening winter weather. Front wheel drive cars provide better traction, but if you must bring a rear wheel drive vehicle, place something heavy in the back. Fill your windshield washer fluid reservoir with a high test or antifreeze-included solution. Bring a heavy-duty ice scraper and snow brush. Keep a flashlight, snow shovel,and blanket in your car.